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All photos/opinions are personal and not that of any pictured Transport Operator. This site is not endorsed by any Transport Operator. All photos on this site were taken by Eric Scaresbrook and are copyright. Photos are not to be used on other sites without permission.


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Brisbane, Queensland

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Launceston, Tasmania

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Tasmanian Buses 

Metro - Launceston


Launceston is Tasmania's second biggest city and is located in the north of the state. Metro operate route and school services in and around the suburbs of Launceston. All photos are from my visit on 18 June 2001. There are more photos on page 1.


MAN 512 near the Visitors Centre in what appears to be an older colour scheme on route 19.
MAN 520 struggles to find a vacant stop in the CBD. Note the "Shopper Stopper" notice on the back of the bus.
No, I didn't scan the same photo twice! Scania 618 leaves a CBD stop on route 21.
Scania 653 (front) causes a mini traffic jam, especially with Scania 605 (rear) joins in the proceedings.
Scania 605 on route 15 on the approach to town.
MAN 513 at the Visitors Centre.

Scania 619 has the green light to proceed on route 10.
MAN 520 approaches the Riverside Shopping Centre.
For reasons unclear to me, Scania 186 has "Metro Express" written on the sides and "MX" on the front. Do we need an Express service to the Casino?


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