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Adelaide, South Australia


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Brisbane, Queensland

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Perth, Western Australia

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Preserved Buses

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Adelaide (SA) Free Buses - Page 1


Adelaide's buses have been privatised and are running to a varying range of colour schemes. These buses are regular sized buses. Adelaide also has articulated buses and regular sized buses. These buses on this page runs on 2 routes around the city, 99B (Bee Line) and 99C (City Loop).


The Bee Line (99B) service is a free service around Adelaide. This shot near sunset shows the colourful front of these buses, 5 April 2001.

A Beeline/City Loop bus not in service with "Special" indicator at Victoria Square, 5 April 2001.
A City Loop service at Victoria Square, 5 April 2001.
Bee Line bus near the University of South Australia, 5 April 2001.
Bee Line bus at Victoria Square, 9 April 2001.
City Loop bus at Adelaide station, 9 April 2001.

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