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Olympics Buses - Bus 2000 - Sydney (NSW)

Private Buses from NSW at Penrith - 20 September 2000


Penrith was the site for Olympic Rowing, Kayaking and Whitewater Rafting. These shots were taken from near the Olympic bus entry to Penrith station. The Olympic buses left the station from the northside of the railway line, used the commuter carpark access road, past my camera where the buses turn onto Coreen Avenue and then they travel to the Sydney International Regatta Centre on Castlereagh Road.  For the purposes of these captions, arriving at Penrith refers to buses coming to the station and leaving Penrith refers to leaving the station. 


This page deals with NSW Private buses used - Queensland and Victorian buses were used as well. 


Leura-Katoomba Bus Service bus arrives at Penrith. 
Pearce bus arrives into Penrith. 
Busabout bus leaves Penrith with a Leura-Katoomba Bus Service bus in the background. 
Liverpool Transport Company bus leaves Penrith. 
Busabout bus arrives leaves Penrith. 
Pearce bus arrives at Penrith. 
Hawkesbury Valley Coach Service bus leaves Penrith. 
Bathurst Coaches bus arrives at Penrith. 
Busabout bus leaves Penrith. 
Leura-Katoomba Bus Service leaves Penrith. 
Interline bus leaves Penrith.
Bathurst Coaches bus leaves Penrith. 
Interline bus arrives at Penrith.
Jones Bros coach leaves Penrith.
Jones Bros coach arrives at Penrith.
Hawkesbury Valley Coach Service arrives at Penrith.
Leura-Katoomba Bus Service arrives at Penrith.
Busabout bus arrives at Penrith.
Pearce bus used for MountainLink services leaves Penrith.

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