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Private Buses - Sydney (NSW)

Westbus' Nippers 


There are many private operators of buses in New South Wales and a very large one is Westbus which serves the west, north west and south west areas of Sydney. This page is dedicated to Westbus and features their Nipper branded minibuses.


Nipper m/o 8881 on a South Penrith service on Station Street Penrith, 19 March 2001.  
Nipper m/o 8780 arrives at Parramatta station with an out of service indicator, 8 June 2001.
I saw this Nipper on Parker Street at Kingswood while I was preparing to refuel my car on 24 July 2001. I am not sure if this bus is on a Penrith via Cambridge Park service or on a school run. I didn't have long before be bus moved from under the sign!

Last updated 28 July 2001.


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