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Erk's Photos Featuring Australian Public Transport

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All photos/opinions are personal and not that of any pictured Transport Operator. This site is not endorsed by any Transport Operator. All photos on this site were taken by Eric Scaresbrook and are copyright. Photos are not to be used on other sites without permission.


Buses Not Featured In This Section


[Olympic Buses]

[NSW - Private Buses]

[NSW - State Transit]


Adelaide, South Australia


[Free City Buses]



Brisbane, Queensland

Brisbane City Council

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[Brisbane Bus Lines]

[Hornibrook Bus Lines]


[Sunbus - Nambour]

[Long Distance]


Launceston, Tasmania

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Perth, Western Australia

CAT Services

[Blue - Perth]

[Orange - Fremantle]

[Red - Perth]

[Replacement - Perth]




[Non Mercedes]


Preserved Buses

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ErkTrans Buses Index Page


Welcome to the Buses section of ErkTrans. The photos have been divided into states with the exception of Olympic & Paralympic buses which can be seen here.  NSW Private Buses and State Transit Buses have also been split into separate sections.



Please note that this site is not meant to be over technical in relation to the types of buses etc.  My main interest in photographing buses is for things such as their operating environment and colour schemes and not the mechanical makeup of the bus.



Bus information in this section was mainly obtained from Bus Australia.  Buses and bus companies are presented as they were photographed. There is change that has occurred since some photos were taken.


Some categories of buses also have photos from the Sydney 2000 Olympics/Paralympics as indicated. 

All Olympic/Paralympic photos can be found here and not in the sections featured on this page








Victorian Buses



NSW Preserved Buses








Queensland Buses


Western Australian Buses


South Australian Buses



Tasmanian Buses

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This site is a section of ErkTrans and is Erk Communications 2001. This site uses thumbnails extensively and all photos/opinions are personal unless stated. Best viewed in 1024 X 768 resolution or greater.